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"I have been extremely pleased with the simplicity and ease of operation which the GT Dryer offers for our business in Ghana, West Africa. I have built the 545 and 800 models which run on diesel fuel. I am the most impressed with the level of service that has accompanied my purchase. The most important aspect to me is service because if you buy a product without service to back it up, it's of no use to me in the middle of nowhere but I do not worry about that with the team at GT MFG. They have always been there to answer questions and help me troubleshoot the dryer which allows me to keep our operation running smooth."

Kris - Africa Atlantic Farms

"Our two GT Mfg. 845 XL dryers fit our operations perfectly. Our ranch is more than 4,000 hectares, and it was a hassle and too costly to coordinate all drying operations in one specific place. With our movable dryers we were able to dry our grain close to our harvesting sites and decrease our logistics and operations costs, as well as guarantee humidity (quality) conditions to our customers. We are convinced we made the best decision in buying GT Mfg. technology, and would definitely recommend it further on."

EnerAll S.A.P.I. de C.V. Tizimin, Yucatan VIEW PICTURE

"We bought GT and we are satisfied. There is great advantage in buying GT dryer; prices and grain drying ratio is much better than for other dryer manufacturers. And it is very important to the dryer quickly recovering itself. We are very happy about dust, grain cleaner. The cleaner is doing very good job. Dust and other small seed are separated very well. Also in dryers bottom dust falls out through sieve and it is very good. Grain comes out clean and dry with high added value."

Maris Strautnieks farmer in Latvia VIEW PICTURE


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